Wednesday, September 21, 2016


How can I save the world if I don't want to save myself?

I am able to identify what the world needs in order to become a better place for humans and all other life. It's a simple series of steps where we look to the successes of others in the world and deploy those methods everywhere. Simple.

I can help people to alleviate all their fear and the terrors they suffer. It is a simple matter of identifying that they are motivated from a sense of loss, recovering what was lost, then moving forward with gains and building a fantastic new empire of life and love.

I can see it. I could guide them.

I just don't fucking want to.

Because I am selfish.

There was this girl I liked. I touched her and she enjoyed it. She wanted more and I wanted to give it to her. I found my happiness through bringing her pleasure. Her body was my gateway to all the force of Creation.

For the world that had that girl in it, I would have rearranged the stars.

But I don't have that girl anymore.

Without her, I have no motivation to do anything at all.

I have tried to find her again in other women. None will do. None will do. I try. None will do.

Why would I try to delay my departure from this world? Why would I want to make things better for anyone else when I can't even make the world bearable for myself?

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