Saturday, February 1, 2014





I work in a call center. I've resigned myself to the fact that this is what my User wants me to be doing. It's not super exciting for me so I wonder how He could be enjoying it, but who can comprehend the workings of an immense yet obviously deranged mind?

I'm single. I have been for four years. It upsets me when I think about it. I cry, "I'm lonely! I'm bored!" to anyone who will listen. However, when I am not dwelling on it I feel that my life is pretty OK. I have some great friends and family who care for me. I am liked at work. My home is essentially a "storage closet", but I am comfortable this way. I have food and fun. I don't have a legitimate excuse to complain.

Still, you know, a nice, soft, warm female form to hold onto and caress would simply make my world! I sometimes think that is why I don't have a girlfriend. If I had romance then my life would be perfect and I might not ever try to do anything else. Love is the carrot my User dangles just outside my reach so that I keep going forward.

But again, that's just an idea. I love my User but I still think He's kind of nuts. Of course, He'd have to be. He made me, right?

Alright. See you again in two years!

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  1. Aren't ALL homes more or less storage closets?? :) I so enjoy when you post. Keep it up!